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the foundation of Youth  United’s vision is supporting good causes we believe have a positive impact on human lives and mother earth.

our opinion-wear apparel enables people to wear their opinion and present it in their day-to-day lives. good will and cool messages alone won’t change much though, we are aware of that. but money can – which is exactly why we want to do more than just spread the word.

while we try to hold up our brand's values as high as we can by producing our organic apparel ecologically and socially responsible in Portugal, we think we can do more.

so we decided to take 1 € off every hoodie and give it to charitable organizations. we know the amount is rather symbolic – as of now we simply can’t afford any more to still be able to be profitable to pay our bills.
though, our goal is to increase the share we give to charities in the future. 

our idea is supporting multiple good causes which go hand in hand with our „opinion“ hoodies. every "opinion" is supposed to have one charity project the 1euro goes to.

to be able to help at the right place, at the right time, we work together with HEIMATSTERN e.V., a munich-based public charity fighting against injustice all over the world and helping people in need, regardless of origin, religion or gender. HEIMATSTERN is a fully transparent organization where all proceedings directly benefit charitable projects in Munich, Europe and Africa.

we carefully picked HEIMATSTERN as our charity partner and we’re so proud they agreed to be working with us.


now, which charitable project do I support exactly when buying a YU hoodie, then?

you see, that depends on your choice of hoodie. you can currently buy two opinion pieces – sororité or I am european – and two basic hoodies:


our sororité opinion-print is supposed to highlight the unjust inequality between women and men. “fraternité” [brotherhood] is one of the three principles of modern France’s constitution and should metaphorically stand for the bond between people. but we think this term alone falls short of its meaning. that is why we want to introduce “sororité” [sisterhood].
contemplating this approach, we donate the 1euro proceeds to development aid projects in Africa to fight Africa’s huge gender inequality. one of these projects is the Girls’ Protection project which aims to get 5000 reusable sanitary pads to schools in Uganda and therefore fight for universal access to hygiene products and better menstrual hygiene education in Africa. in our opinion, this is a very important step to fight gender inequality on our sister-continent.
we are strongly convinced that every bit of development aid can help African women’s voices to be heard more and will therefore help the continent as a whole to nourish.
let’s help our brothers and sisters in need.

I am european

carrying the I am european writing on the front, this limited-edition opinion hoodie symbolizes everything that binds us europeans together.
we want everyone to be able to be and feel european. europeanism, for us, is not a nationality you obtain, not an exclusive club - it is rather a sense of life, a feeling of belongingness, a set of humanitarian values you carry. values like unity, solidarity and harmony.

and therefore, this opinion hoodie helps HEIMATSTERN e.V. in their emergency aid efforts to save thousands of refugees on the greek islands by the EU's outer borders. with the donations collected through our first opinion hoodie, HEIMATSTERN is able to send food, hygiene products, clothing, tents, sleeping pads and more to the people in need.

everyone can be european.

give love

the european bond has been around quite some time. and while there was never a time the European Union was stronger as a whole, we believe the bond between us, the European people, the rich and the poor, could still be stronger. while GDPs are growing, stock markets are exploding and huge corporations are thriving, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening. shouldn’t we as europeans, believing in european values, do more for the less fortunate people?
we believe so. that is why the Give Love donations will provide homeless people with food, shelter and clothes. within the last ten years, the estimated numbers of homeless people rose by 70%, while europe’s economy is succeeding. we cannot keep watching how a handful of banks and corporations are being saved with billions of Euros while there are about 700.000 unregarded european people who can’t afford a place to live.

differently than our other hoodies, the give love hoodie gives 5 € to charity for every hoodie sold.

basic hoodies

and while our basic hoodies don’t show a clear opinion on first sight, they are still an ode to a Europe full of tolerance, diversity and freedom. one example where those European values are not met at the moment, are the refugee camps on the outer borders of the EU. thousands of helpless refugees are currently living in the camps in Greece, in circumstances none of us would even want to imagine. after Moria burnt down this summer, instead of getting better, the situation got even worse and the public quickly lost interest in the situation. no water, no food, no chance for hygiene and no space to social distance. we feel like this is a highly pressing matter we need to act on right now. and while there are hundreds of petitions you can sign (we totally recommend you do that! here, here and here), collecting money might be the biggest chance to help the people right now by sending them food, hygiene products, clothing, tents, sleeping pads and more.
this is why the donations of all basic hoodies go to refugee camps in Greece.


once again, we want to thank our friends at HEIMATSTERN to fight so hard for people’s rights. their work should be an inspiration for all our daily lives to do good.


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