Frequently Asked Questions

  • what's new about the 2022 collection Y★U hoodies?

    we took our awesome 2020/21 Y★U hoodies and made some changes and improvements: our material (even cozier!), our color (even richer!), our fit (even easier!), our labels (even better!) and we included a small rubber-print back detail. on top of that, we made a few minor changes to make your Y★U hoodie even besser and even more comfy! and of course, we came up with three brand-new designs for you! :)

  • how do Y★U hoodies fit?

    our 2022 collection #2 Y★U styles fit a little more loose than collection #1 - a relatively loose, but still classic and easy unisex fit. if you choose your usual apparel size, you will get a hoodie that should fit easily and comfortably with enough room to chill on the couch. choose one size smaller and you will get a hoodie that fits like you're used to from your usual apparel. if you are in between two sizes and want a rather snug fit, better size down!

  • when do Y★U Hoodies ship??

    usually within 2 days (Germany) or 4 days (Europe). we always make sure to send out your order as soon as possible. because we print our hoodies by hand, on demand, it may take a day or two longer sometimes. all packages are sent out with our carrier DHL GoGreen, shipping times may depend on your location. as soon as your hoodie is on its way, we'll send our tracking information out to you immediately.

  • what materials are Y★U Hoodies made of?

    all our hoodies are made of 100% GOTS certified organic strong 330 gsm super-soft cotton. our American fleece cotton fabric is brushed on the inside for additional comfort and softness. on the outside, it feels strong and durable - perfect for these cold winter days.

  • where are Y★U Hoodies manufactured?

    other than most of today's small, independent fashion labels, we decided not to work with standard factory blanks, but instead to have our own unique pieces made exactly according to our wishes. all of our products are produced in Portugal under the best possible conditions in our partnering factories. portugal is the go-to place for sustainable, fair and socially-responsible apparel production.

  • who's behind Y★U?

    the Y★U idea was born in our little apartment in Dresden, Germany. "We" - that is Leon, a 25 year old photographer, filmmaker and industrial engineering student and Alida, a 22 year old student teacher. together we work on everything from designs and ideas to finishing the prints and packing your orders - all based from our little apartment.

  • are Y★U products vegan and sustainable?

    yes, our whole production chain is vegan, almost plastic-free and our parcels are being shipped CO2-neutrally. That way, we can ensure, our production is socially and ecologically responsible and sustainable as much as possible. You see, we do things differently.

  • are Y★U hoodies pre-washed?

    yes, all our hoodies are pre-washed during production to ensure longevity of your perfect fit, colors and fabric quality.

  • how are Y★U hoodies shipped?

    all of our parcels are shipped through DHL to ensure ecologically responsible, CO2-neutral shipping and guaranteed in-time delivery.

  • what's the Y★U vision?

    a young, tolerant, diverse Europe without borders. crafted by an open-minded, pluralistic youth.

  • why are Y★U hoodies comparably expensive?

    simply put: "quality has its price". because we are not working with standard factory blanks, we needed way more time to come up with the perfect hoodie for you. every step along the way is needed to be done manually with the highest amount of diligence. every design, every photo, every piece of text or CSS-code on this website is done by us, for you. this ultimately results in a price that can obviously not compete with your standard fast-fashion dealers, but instead gives you your favorite hoodie in a quality fast-fashion could never compete with. and on top of that: we even pay for your shipping. doesn't that sound like a good deal now?

  • what do I do in case I have a problem with my hoodie?

    in the unlikely case you are unhappy with one of our hoodies, we kindly ask you to contact us via or via any of our other channels. we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your Y★U experience and will help you with any problem or question you might have.

  • does Y★U support charities?

    YES! for every hoodie sold, we give 1€ to charitable causes. check out to learn more.

  • why?

    because we wanted to do things better than the fashion industry. better quality, fairer production, cooler products. did we succeed?

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