our two cents

why don’t humans just do things differently?
why don’t we just 
understand our social responsibility and minimize the footprint our work has on the globe and engage in projects that help make the world a better place?

we decided to take a leap and try a different approach to streetwear.

opinion wear
our opinion-wear apparel empowers you to publicly stand up for our collective values.

we at Y★U consider what we wear as a chance to get messages across.
in today’s times the european bond is being challenged by populist movements. what the european identity now needs is an uprising of the decent. now more than ever.

we’re not just another supplier for clothes. all of our products are envisioned in germany in our little office/apartment and produced in portugal under sustainable and fair conditions based on our wishes. we finish off the creation process in our little office/apartment in dresden, germany applying the prints. this enables us to work flexibly and on demand, meaning we can save resources and minimize waste through a short production chain.
every step on our products’ value chain is very well thought-through, european based and handmade using the best available materials and resources. the cotton our products are made of is 100% organic GOTS-certified and we ship our products in FSC-certified packaging from recycled resources without plastic, using our climate-neutral logistics partner.

the longer the lifespan of a product, the better for human and environment.
we are working hard on ensuring great longevity for every piece we ship out. to ensure that, it is very important for you to follow our care instructions. In case you should be unhappy with the quality of your piece of apparel, drop us a message and we’ll take care of it. 

social responsibility
to be worthy of our social responsibility, we are taking 1€ off of every product ordered and support wisely chosen social and environmental projects. if you would like to learn more about that, visit yuapparel.de/1euro.

our organic GOTS-certified products ensure good working conditions and fair wages on every step along the line by the social standards implemented by the GOTS.


we are convinced that what holds us, what holds the european stars together is greater than what divides them. the european dream lives, but we need to work on keeping it alive. by raising our voices and telling people that it’s worth it to fight for a liberal, open-minded european identity.

we want to empower young people to get involved, to get together, to form a movement.


to emphasize our vision of a collective european identity, we chose english as our corporate language, a language almost every european citizen can understand.

nonetheless, our customer support is currently also happy to help you in german, dutch and french if you don’t feel comfortable in english.


the Y★U team

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